Vegrow Capsule

Vegrow Capsule

10 Capsules - RM 120

20 Capsules - RM 220

30 Capsules - RM 298


Cortex Eucommia ulmoides - 100mg.
Songaricum Cynomorium herb - 100mg.
Ganoderma lucidum - 70mg
Cortex Cinnamomum cassia - 60mg.
Radix Codonopsis pilosula - 35mg.
Radix Glycyrrhiza uralensis - 35mg.


Vegrow Capsule:

POWERFUL Herbal for Men For Great Health Male Enhancement Formula

Approved by Health Ministry of Malaysia: MAL08111900TC

Vegrow main function such as:

Give energy and help those experience sexual problems.

Stimulate and enhance levels body system overall health.

Good for kidney and heart. Also help strengthen bone and body tissue. Increase male hormone production and woman also help enhance fertility levels.

Vegrow indeed noted in the market as herbal capsule can help boost male sexual function and energy. It also help strengthen erection and good to those experience erection problems.
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