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Wolf Berry.(Fructus lycii)
Cloves.(Flos caryophylli)
Cortex cinnamomi
Chinese Chive Seed.(Semen allii tuberosi)


Viaherbal is a combination of 6 different highly graded herbal ingredients. What makes it different from other male herbal products is the fact that it underwent extensive research and development to combine the right herbal blend to ensure a powerful potent formula.

· Vitality

· Revitalise

· Rediscover

· Stay up longer and longer

· Non-medicinal ingredients

· Effective

What makes Viaherbal™ different from all other herbal products?

Other products on the market are manufactured by combining different herbal ingredients together without any real research or development structure then sell it on to the consumer based on bogus claims and false hopes. Viaherbal™, on the other hand, went through various laboratory tests and thorough research before its manufacturing in the UK.

When should I take Viaherbal™?

Take one capsule a half hour prior to activity or after a meal. Do not use this product if you have symptoms of high blood pressure. Consult with your doctor before using Viaherbal™ if you think you might have an allergy to any of the ingredients.

Are there any side effects when using Viaherbal™?

The ingredients said to should not have any side effects at all, may be occasionally a headache. The most likely reason is that you are dehydrated and drinking water will help alleviate the symptoms, or may attempt to take a vitamin c tablet at the same time. This may prevent any side effects occuring.

What if it doesn't have any effects?

The capsules said to work with a normal healthy person. As with any other herbal ingredients some may take longer to take effect. In some circumstances it may need to take a course to work through the body system.

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