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How It Works

Vimax pills have natural ingredients that are combined with each other to produce the following effects:

Promote better blood circulation to the penis

Relax the muscle tissues in the corpus cavernosa, the chamber in the penis where the blood flows and accumulates during an erection

Enable the penis in general and the corpus cavernosa to hold in the blood, so to speak, for longer periods until orgasm can be achieved

Basically, these ingredients are formulated to stimulate larger volumes of blood to circulate in the corpus cavernosa, thus, allowing the penis to enjoy harder erections with longer duration. Women are then more likely to enjoy longer stimulation from the penile thrusts and, hence, enjoy stronger orgasms – truly, a goal that the men will also appreciate.


The following substances are just a few of the ingredients in Vimax pills, all of which have scientific and anecdotal evidence regarding their efficacy in promoting larger penis size and erection times.

  •  Horny goat weed
  •  Ginseng
  •  Saw palmetto
  •  Cayenne fruit

Check the ingredients label to ensure that you have no allergies to the ingredients. But since all of these are natural in nature, you should have little to no issue in this regard.


Vimax pills are considered one of the best penis enlargement pills in the market today for many good reasons.

  •  100% Natural
  • Natural ingredients proven effective in enlarging the size (i.e., length and girth) of the penis as well as in improving the erection times. Customer testimonials and product trials point to fairly impressive results – increase in penis length by up to 4 inches and increase in penis girth by up to 25%. These are, of course, the main reason for the success of Vimax in the saturated penis enlargement market.

  •  Permanent Effects
    Even when you stop taking the pills, your larger penis will remain (i.e., no going back to your old smaller size). But you will want to continue taking Vimax to sustain your desirable erection times.

  •  Little To No Side Effects
    The natural ingredients have been chosen for this purpose although a few men may experience minor side effects within the first few days but these should resolve on their own. The key is to take the pills according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

  •  Ease Of Taking The Pills
    Just 1 pill a day will suffice for an average male, which means that there is no risk for forgetting your pill for the day – take it with your breakfast, for example.

  •  Other Pills And Devices Are Unnecessary
    You can skip on the nutritional supplements, penis exercises, and penile traction devices to achieve a longer and larger penis – just taking Vimax on a regular and proper basis will suffice.

  •  Tested By Doctors
    Why purchase from fly-by-night manufacturers of penis enlargement pills when you have the benefit of a doctor-tested brand like Vimax? The results of studies conducted for the product are posted on the website.

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