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HerSolution™ Gel has been formulated and doctor-approved for its pure, natural botanical ingredients including:



Natural Botanical

Hand-selected soothing Aloe,


Cocoa Butters


HerSolution Gel™ Topical Lubricant

Lack of sexual excitement and vaginal dryness are a thing of the past with HerSolution Gel™. There are a number of things that can hinder desired lubrication, especially minimal foreplay. A topical sexual lubricant and stimulant such as HerSolution Gel™ can give you the edge that you are looking for in bed.


How Does HerSolution Gel™ Work?

HerSolution Gel™ is hypo-allergenic, water-based, and pH balanced sexual enhancement gel. By applying a small amount to your intimate regions you can increase blood flow, lubrication, sensitivity, and climax. HerSolution Gel™ uses only the best clinically proven ingredients to proven you with worry-free, intense, long-lasting orgasms.

Product Rundown

HerSoultion Gel™ is a favorite among females who are struggling with a low libido, and even those who are not. The reason for this is that HerSolution Gel™ is a topical cream that excites the important areas of a woman’s body. It is also a great addition to HerSolution™ pills for best results. HerSolution Gel™ is voted number one topical libido enhancer.

Pros: HerSolution Gel™ is clinically formulated for intimate application and contains a soothing blend of natural botanicals. It works on contanct by increasing sensitivity and lubrication. 
Your order also comes with toll-free access to dedicated customer service representatives 24/7.

Cons: When used by itself, HerSolution Gel™ is a good lubricant and stimulant, it’s not until you combine it whith HerSolution™ Pills that HerSolution Gel actually comes out and shines.

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