VITCA - M for Men


Specification: 15 Sachets

  • MACA                                                   
  • Tribulus Terresteris                                
  • Bamboo Salt                                
  • Tea Polyphenol
Functions for HIM:
  • Help to reduce cholesterol, prevent fatty liver.
  • Help prevention prostate gland disease, i.e. night, frequent & unenergetic urination.
  • Improve liver function, kidney function.
  • Help to increase androgen, improve on impotence symptom.
  • Blood revitalization
  • Enhance physical strength, anti-weary

  • The functions for MEN:
  • Helps to reduce cholesterol, prevent fatty liver.
  • Help prevent prostate disease, such as. Night urination, frequent & not energized.
  • Improve liver function, kidney function.
  • Help to increase androgen, to improve the symptoms of impotence.
  • refresher blood
  • Increase physical strength, reduce fatigue

Active Ingredients
MACA - The World Most Fascinating National Treasure From Peru
Maca contains many nutrients needed in our body such as amino acid, minerals, Vitamin A, B1, B2, B4, B6, B12, C, D, E and etc. These nutrients promote body energy and endurance, healthy cells and balance body hormone. According to the clinical report, Maca is beneficial for people who are suffering from tiredness, high blood pressure, diabetes, rheumatism, otitis, anemia, constipation.

Tribulus Terresteris - Beneficial To Male
Contains saponins, it helps to relieve muscle cramps and colics. Traditionally, it was used for stomach and intestines pain. Tribulus can help to improve the production of lutein and thus increase the androgen to improve the impotence symptom. It helps to prevent a prostate gland disease such as night and frequent urination, increase sperm counts and strengthen the muscles, reduces cholesterol, beneficial for migraine, liver and kidney remedies and sexual dysfunction.

Bamboo Salt - Treasure from the South Korean
Contains more than 80 types of human body essential mineral substances and trace elements. [According to the experts, all vitamins will lose its functionality if lacking of mineral substance,]. Bamboo salt balances the blood pressure and blood sugar, neutralize toxins, refreshing brain, activates cerebrum nerve cell, promotes better nutrition absorption and more energetic. It is an alkaline food.

Tea Polyphenol - The Most Effective Category Of Tea
Extracted from the mixture of more than 30 types of phenol. It contains ingredients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, folic acid and trace element. It is used to protect liver function, eliminate free radical, resists toxins from heavy metal ion, antibacterial, help to prevent cancers & viruses.

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