4C Diamond Slimming

Product description:

4C diamond thin slimming capsule is by the United States kemin Biological Co., Ltd. group of experts and senior experts of the Chinese Medical Research Society,

Research and development of a treatment of obesity is the most effective diet pillsnatural herbal essence and refined, not only the bodyweight loss,

And less big legshipswaist and abdomen, arms, cheeksand other parts mad, do not exercisedo not need to go on a dietpure greenslimming

No drug resistance and side effectsthere is no weight rebound after stopping the troubled months minus 10-26 pounds

30 days so you can easily create the perfect bodyThe diamonds weight-loss and comprehensively improve the body's metabolism to promote blood circulation and rid the body of siltation

Improve the intestinal environmentThe unique targeting lipolysis technical accumulation of body fat can quickly verify parts

Activate fat burning enzyme designated dissolve and remove excess fatfocusing on swimming laps back, simple obesity.

The 4C diamond slimming Ingredients:

The hydrated the lemon operator essence, the starch enzyme inhibitor, the tropical extracts cents slap,

The South America Cellulite bean extract, bowel FOS.

4C Diamond slimming specifications:

60 per bottle, each capsule 400mg.

Dosage & Usage Instructions:

Twice a day, every time a half-hour of the morning and evening hors d'1-2 cups warm water delivery service.


The initial taking it once a day the first week, one at a time.


Keep out of reach with a cool, dry place and children.


1, the product is not the treatment or prevention of disease drug effect, progress and reaction varies

Will depend on the individual physique and gastrointestinal absorption capacity.
2, pregnant women, lactating persons, children and long-term patients should consult with your medical opinion before taking.

Production: American Wing Herbalife Pharmaceutical Group
Distributor: Greater China, Hong Kong Hani Group
Distributor: Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Zhuhai Tianhao
Address: Zhuhai City, East China Road 267











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