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Frequently Asked Questions
How does Bazooka work?
The all natural proprietary blend of unique ingredients found in Bazooka is designed to restore blood flow, unleash stored testosterone, and heighten sensation by activating the body's natural hormone production and supplying vital nutrients necessary for peak sexual performance. The special blend of herbs in Bazooka have been shown to boost blood flow to the penis, therefore resulting in a much larger penis, and huge erections every time. 

Is it safe?
You do not need a prescription, or require any embarrasing doctors visits. Bazooka is not a pharmaceutical drug and contains none of the synthetic chemicals found in prescription medications. However if you have any serious health concerns, or heart conditions you must first review the ingredients with your doctor or health care professional. 

What are the reported size-gains?
While some men have reported an increase of 3 full inches in length, the average size gains after a 6 month course is 20% in girth and 25% in length. Generally the bigger your penis currently is, the bigger it will grow. This growth is so remarkable that it has been offered by doctors as a natural and safe alternative to dangerous surgery. If you are ready to experience this amazing phenomenon for yourself, you can make it happen with Bazooka, GUARANTEED. 

Typical Results of Taking Bazooka Penis Pills:

1st Month: Most men notice more powerful and longer lasting erections almost immediately. A noticeable increase in thickness is also common. You will also have increased stamina and endurance during love making. You will also have a higher sexual desire. 

2nd Month: By this point you should be able to notice an increase in thickness in both erect and flaccid states, as well as an overall increase in length. Your erections will be rock hard and huge every time. 

3rd Month +: After twelve weeks, your penis should be noticeably larger in both length and girth in both erect and flacid states. Prolonged usage of Maxaman will result in permanent gains, as your body naturally grows to compensate for the extra blood flow, and bigger erections. 

What are all the benefits of taking Bazooka? 
Common benefits from using Bazooka include:
 Increased stamina
 Improved sexual desire
 Stronger and more powerful erections
 Greater control over ejaculation
 Stronger climaxes and orgasms 

Are there any side-effects?
There are no harmful side effects when taken as directed. Always read the label and always use as directed. If you have any heart conditions, serious health concerns or on medication, check the ingredients with your doctor first. 

What are the ingredients of Bazooka?
Bazooka is all natural, and made from the finest quality botanicals available.
 Tongkat Ali
 Tribulus terrestris
 Ginkgo biloba
 Saw palmetto
 Nettle Leaf
 Licorice Root

What is the recommended dosage??
The normal dosage of Bazooka is two capsules daily with a meal and a glass of water. The cumulative effects of Bazooka increase with each dosage, making it even more effective with continued use. Do not exceed 4 capsules daily. 

Is a prescription required?
Because Bazooka is an all natural nutritional supplement containing only the finest botanicals, there is no need to obtain a prescription. 

How is Bazooka different to other enhancing products?
Bazooka is not a pharmaceutical drug and contains none of the synthetic chemicals found in prescription medications. It is an all natural formula designed to boost blood flow to the penis and improve sexual performance. Bazooka provides men with a safe and natural alternative to potentially dangerous surgery. 

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