Lexxe - The First Herbal Pantyliner For Women

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Malaysia's First Infrared Using Nano Technology and Ionized By JASMIN Perfume (MELOR) Sure

For women, wearing pantyliner pad called during menstrual discomfort and interfere sometimes provide daily activities. Coupled with lack of moral attitudes and practices when hygiene makes them vulnerable members of various internal health problems difficult woman. Among such unpleasant odor, a very sore point in the coming months due to bacterial infection in the vagina, hormonal imbalances, etc..

At the same time, the availability of low-quality pads cause sometimes they are confused and do not know which one is effective, safe and value for money, invested and health. Know pemiliihan pads or pads are very important for overall health. Female crown only one to be preserved properly.

Now, the solution is to use a pad made ​​of cotton HUNDRED PERCENT. Introduce to you, LEXEE, magically, the only herbal pad using Nano technology Infrared and Ionized with Jasmine fragrance (jasmine). HUNDRED PERCENT made ​​of thin and soft cotton cloth (thin and soft cotton). In addition, the ingredients in LEXEE is Peppermint, Jasmine, Eucalyptus Oil (Eucalyptus Oil), Aktinolit (Actinolite) and (Hydroxycamphane).

LEXEE pads better understand women.
Your friends at the moment is really needed in
LEXEE introduced specifically for the fairer sex lately aware and concerned about the increase in gynecological disorder (gynecologist) and lack of hygienic practices among women.
Even if only in the form of "pantiliners" and pads, LEXEE was formed by concerned and contains a combination of cutting-edge technology research and herbal ingredients tradisional.LEXEE provide protection and care to women of discomfort during menstruation up to deal with various light gynecological disorder and practices kebersihan.Gangguan-light interference can lead to bigger problems and proven LEXEE can overcome it.


Redlife success is the result of a combination of LEXEE produce advanced technology research and traditional herbs.

LEXEE advanced technology combine:

Nano Far Infrared (light power)
Magnetic power generated from simultaneous vibration micro molecules which results disinfect, prevent odor, activate cells, promote blood circulation & metabolism, acid balance in the body, preventing the uterus & ovary disease and reduce pain during this haid.Infrared
release of natural heat which helps to dilate blood vessels during menstruation, this process can help dilute blood clot that usually lumps of blood will cause clogged blood vessels in the uterus where the effect is menstrual pain, low back pain and sebagainya.Haba produced by infrared will be absorbed in the herbs contained blood to dilute the lumpy and clogged, wash menstrual blood vessels with a smooth ride.

Negative Ions
Negative ions are the power required by human body for blood filtering functions, coordinate the autonomous nervous system, activating cells and enhancing resilience badan.Ia also serves as recycle oxygen in the blood and the entire members badan.Oleh it can
increased vitality, comfortable, quiet and comfortable during menstruation.

Application of Traditional Herbal Philosophy incorporates:

Refresh, remove, pain, itching, reduce discomfort, disinfecting, deodorizing, launch period and blood circulation and reduce inflammation and swelling

Bunga Melor
Refreshingly, menteramkan emotion & pain during menstruation and eliminate unpleasant odors

Eucalyptus Oil (Eucalyptus Oil)
Disinfectant & treat vaginal infections (vaginitis) to kill bacteria Trichomonas vaginalis

Aktinolit (Actinolite)
Improve the function of the female reproductive system

Refreshingly, reduce inflammation and pain, is antiseptic, blood circulation, overcome stomach problems and hormonal imbalances.

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