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Askmara Kanda Ring - Tense, Steady, Expand & Thriller

Products that must be owned by a young man quickly "lost" when browsing ark or husband who suffered from premature ejaculation

Kanda Askmara Ring Can Help:

Strengthen erections
Prevent blood from coming out through the channel and indirectly stabilize erection
Maintaining the flow of blood and semen as usual.
Maintain tension
Delayed ejaculation

Askmara ring Kanda Recommended By Dr.Ismail Tambi!

Dr. Ismail Tambi in an interview in the program Women Today (WHI) has recommended the use of Kanda Askmara ring for those who have trouble quickly out semen or premature ejaculation. Dr. Ismail Tambi is a pain specialist who is well known as a master of andrology experts involved in several important studies related to pain you. In the interview he describes the ways to reconcile this problem of premature ejaculation and how Kanda Askmara ring can help you!

Many husbands who quickly "lost" when browsing ark or premature ejaculation problems. Various ways done by the husband to overcome, for example by increasing the density of erection with gripping and moving in a controlled manner while holding the stimulus is being enjoyed. Sometimes successfully and sometimes fail.

Now with Kanda Askmara ring that can anchor an erection and make penis firmer erections and increase the ability to delay ejaculation.

The instrument is made from natural rubber Malaysia and has been patented for the purpose of strengthening the erection and delay ejaculation. The study was done three years ago with a prototype have shown that men who quickly lost can delay ejaculation to a level that is comfortable for both partners.

The tool does not give any negative effects. Kanda Askmara ring strengthen erections. No side effects and is proven effective through studies saintifif. Safe and easy to use. Rubber does not prevent sexual intercourse and not interfere with member perempuan.Ia difficult to keep an erection and make a solid erection when blood collects in the penis muscle.

Use Askmara ring at the base of your penis Kanda during full erection. Note the right bottom. Kanda Askmara indented ring for user comfort.
To add kesensasian and keberkesananCincin Askmara Kanda in sexual intercourse, you can use two or more rings Askmara Kanda.


Wear exactly when the penis erect.
And disarung pulled to the base of the erect penis.
Parts that have a bump on the top and a thin bottom. Make sure the position of the thick ring Kanda Askmara the top position and thin at the position of the penis.
Wear two rings Askmara Kanda for more pleasure and less dense or if the erection does not last long. THIS USUALLY IS TOO SENSITIVE TO USER, HAVE PAIN DIABETES, HIGH DRH ETC, ALSO FOR YOUNG HUSBAND.
The guarantee NO SIDE EFFECTS.


I was 32 years old and married for almost three years and has two children. My problem is that fast and slow erection climax to time kedua.Saya embarrassed to see a doctor, but this time I was determined to get advice and see a specialist. SAHIZAN Johor Bahru

Climax quickly become stressful when couples are not satisfied and the self feel so. This happens when after ejaculation, penile erection lose erection while if only remain while also giving very little satisfaction. Common man would do is get a tip from a friend. No wonder if the method of massage, the use of oil, cream or Gambir Sarawak is used, while all does not work, it could even be detrimental to another.

Tethering with rubber penis in erection is an alternative anchorage. The latex is sold in the market. Some are imported from China and other countries. Now, there is a rubber penis anchorages made in Malaysia known as Kanda Askmara ring. This rubber can improve the control of premature ejaculation if the wearer to concentrate on when moving the rubber vagina erection in pairs. When focusing run, control is no longer cause premature ejaculation can occur.

Accordingly, this ring wearer need to know how to use it in order to enhance the control of premature ejaculation. If the use of these tools still nothing changes, it's better to see a doctor. I can be contacted at Damai Service Hospital, Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur.

I was 35 years old and have a three year old child. Over the past five months each time to have sex with her, I had a premature ejaculation and semen was too thin. In addition, I often low back pain, especially during the morning and afternoon. How to solve this problem? We also plan to get a second child. What should I do? AMY | Chennai ..

Early or rapid ejaculation climax occurs because the weak ejaculation control. Sometimes if an erection less dense, rubbing the vagina done quickly and out of control can cause premature ejaculation. Try to use penis so erection ring can be more compact. It can help enhance control and maintain an erection. Make sure the ring is worn when erect penis does not return compact so slack.

Semen was diluted to facilitate sperm will move. Diluted semen was not a sign of man less fertile, but it is healthy semen. Enough sperm content, active and normal form is characteristic of healthy sperm. To find semen test should be done. If there are problems, the doctor will be given appropriate treatment.

Since you already have children, the opportunity to increase the number of children exists. Try to do sex as often as possible during the wife is ovulating. If you fail within a year, see your doctor for fertility examination.
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