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My Energy Plus is able to increase my stamina and become young again for men. This product is made in Malaysia using the contents kanduangan natural and safe to use without side effects. It has received recognition from the Ministry of Health Malaysia and JAKIM.

Many men who are often busy with work and daily entertainment has resulted in the loss of a lot of energy is no longer able to perform the friendly relations of husband and wife. By megeratkan domestic relations of husband and wife, My Energy Plus has demonstrated satisfactory performance in men who have tried it! Apart from increasing sexual men, it also can relieve fatigue, stress and improve fitness.

Function  MyEnergy Plus: -
A.) Improving the performance of health, physical, mental and sexual
Two.) Reduction of blood cholesterol
Three.) Activation of metabolism
4.) Increase blood circulation
5.) Increase the immunization rate
6.) Increase the digestive proces
7.) Strengthen the penis
8.) Increase energy levels, stamina and endurance
9.) Anti-inflammatory
10.) Anti-tumor
11.) Enhance male sexual function
12.) Increase the quantity of sperm and sperm activate.
13.) Addressing the problem is not pregnancy

Contents: -
A.) Red grape seed powder
Two.) Oligosaccharide
Three.) Maca Extract
4.) Powder Pure Butea
5.) Tribulus Terrestris
6.) Substance Zinc Magnesium
7.) Vitamin Group B (B1, B2, B6, B12)
8.) Ginseng

What is Maca?
Maca herbal extracts baerasal from Peru. It is a nutritious food that can increase the level of the upcoming men effectively, providing good health and increase the reproduction rate of adults. Local residents believe Andes Maca are due to Allah. Maca is highly effective in strengthening and meyeimbangkan male endocrine system. It is effective in regulating the hormonal system of our body, increasing the "source of strength," man, get rid of fatigue and chronic fatigue, improve the ability to handle stress, improve sexual and reproductive ability.

Pure Butea
Pure Butea the ever growing twin Thailand is a major ingredient. Pure Butea root and stem are used to increase strength, energy and help improve the treatment of male sexual performance. The composition of this nature can boost your energy levels without strain to the muscles, nerves and heart.

After processing with exclusive formulation technology Bio-Gold, herbal formula may help improve human physical condition without giving any side effects. This technology is very effective in enhancing the degree of sperm or prevention of prostate disease. Bio-Gold, the natural processing technology is more easily absorbed by human body and always achieve the best results.

Red grape seed powder
A total of 100 research articles about wine proves that the wine is very beneficial to human health. Flavonoids are a type of plant pigment that is very effective in protecting the heart. Flavonoids can prevent platelet aggregation, blood viscosity, reduce thrombosis, an antioxidant, preventing free radical attack and destroy human cells. Inhibition of LDL oxidation can protect blood vessels and avoid the effect of hardening of the arteries.

It is pentang bifido to assist the growth and reproduction can enhance the growth of intestinal bifido effectively. Will promote the growth of Bifidobacterium fisiologisnya main function in the reproductive performance, lower intestinal pH, inhibiting the growth of bacteria in the gut and increase barbahaya bowel movements. In addition, Bifidobacterium bacteria to enhance digestion and absorption of nutrients, prevent constipation, intestinal mempertigkatkan fungi, improve liver function, lowers blood sugar, enhance immunity, help fight infections, anti-tumor and anti-aging.

Tribulus Terrestris
Tribulus terrestris is a tropical plant and its roots are usually worth it. This plant is commonly used in a variety of treatments worldwide. It is also a diuretic as an ingredient, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and is a tonic to add emotion. It is also used as a treatment for sexual failure, increase appetite, promote secretion of testosterone, increase blood levels of the testes, increase muscle strength and promote physical rehabilitation. Tribulus Terrestris is also able to increase the amount of secretion and activation of sperm, testosterone levels return to the young.

Zinc Magnesium
Zinc can improve network efficiency and is an important element in the male body. It also helps in the treatment of breeding, prevent prostate disease, considering the volatility and lowers cholesterol. Magnesium can improve heart health and blood vessels, preventing heart attacks, deposition of calcium in the walls of blood vessels and blood vessel network, prevent kidney stones and gall stones.

Group of B vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B12)
B group of vitamins can strengthen the body, to fill the nutritional deficiencies of vitamin B, helps strengthen the heart, lungs and vital organs to another.

Ginseng is able menetapan central nervous system reactions, helps balance, restore the nervous tension caused by the process, delaying the aging process in cells and extend the functions of living cells.

Packing box: 3g x 8 small hump

Price per box: RM120

How to use: Open a small packet (3g) and watch to My Energy Plus ve applied under the tongue. Drink warm water. Normally be advised to take half an hour before sexual activity. Small packet can provide energy for 72 hours.

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