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1 PACK - 10 Capsule - RM 100 
2 PACK - 20 Capsule - RM 200 
3 PACK - 30 Capsule - RM 300 

Maxpro Capsules Helps 

Natural Extract Herbs.
Help In Late & Low Erection for Men.
Help Premature Enjunction.
Help Increse Labido for Men.
Help Maintain Penis Harder / Erection 1 - 3 Days per use / per capsule
Help Men Sex Desire & Strengh .
No SIDE Effect.
Help Person with Diabeties 

“Maxpro Capsules is mixture of 100 %, extract herbs, five combination herbs new formula to stimulate sexual activity, help maintain firm erection, improve strengh, energy and aid in increase sexsual pleasure.

Direction For Use : 
Recomanded dose 1 capsule taken after meal with warm water 1-2 hour before sexsual Intercourse. The good effect last for 24 hour or more. No reported side adverse side effects.
Consult a Doctor of physician before use, especially if your a family history of health problems or if you are using any others drugs. Please check if you are allegic to any of the ingridents before use. 
Store In Dry  Place  / Keep out  Reach of The  
Supplement Facts     
Tongkat Ali Euryocoma Longifolia Extract                           
Tribulus Territeris Extract (vine)                                                         
Epimedium  Extract (leaf)                                                          
Smilax Extract                                                                                     
Butea Longifolia Extract (root)     
Perpacks - 10 Capsules X 350g 

Testimonial / Feed Back From Maxpro Customer

Mr King 45 From South Africa - " i have problem with low and late erection my things not hard enough until i feel shame with my girl friends . After use MaxPro my problem solve . Thanks - MaxPro - i realy recomanded to all you all out there to try this natural herbs from God " 

Mr Paul 35 From Australia -  " I use it when i need it and it last for 3 days. It also very save cos last long. MaxPro the best ever capsules "

Mr Ahmad  55 From Malaysia - " I just try this after being recommand by my friend , after that i really satisfieds with the result. Now i feel comfident again as an Ageds man " 

Mr Chong Tan 49 From Singapore - " I try many capsules before but no effect at all, than my friends tell me about maxpro capsules can help pation with diabeties like me. after meal i take 1 capsules its help me a lot during my intercourse " i really recomand who have man problem / premature ejunculation to try this capsules.

Many Regular Customer Every Month U Should Try. 

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