Magic Power Wet Tissue - With Aloe Vera

Magic Power Antiseptic Wet - Tissue
with Aloe Vera

- For Men Only
- Moisturizer
- Aroma Theraphy
- Longer Satisfaction
- Maximum Protection
- Lubricant Sensation Gel
- The Sweetest Thing In a Tissue

 prevent premature ejaculation / rapid Sex / ejaculation is not until a minute!
Can withstand 30 minutes to 2 hours

The solution to Premature Ejaculation!

After the use of this tissue
- The wife in love
- You are more powerful
- No need to swallow any pills / medication for long-lasting strong again!

How to use:

Rub the head of the penis, veins of the penis and some swept in the penile shaft (if necessary) 5 minutes before 'with' your wife. You may feel a little numb. If you are not satisfied with the 'performance' you, the waiting time can be extended up to 15 minutesor you can it off with a greater quantityYou can wash or left just before sex '

Specification: 1 Box containing 6 Sachets


-Purified H20

-Ethyl Alcohol

-Aloe Vera Extract


-Other Active Ingrident


What Advantages  Power Magic Tissue?

Created specifically to address the sensitive skin on the male penis.

Prevent premature ejaculation.

Ensure cleanliness of the male penis.

Avoidance of any skin disease.

Become fine, moisturizes & refreshes the skin on the penis.

STOP your Premature ejaculation NOW!

Give TREATMENT to your premature ejaculation NOW!!

It can make your penis withstand 30 minutes up to 2 hours.

Contain an antiseptic, GUARANTEED no side effects and very effective. Only wipe your penis and allow 5 - 15 minutes before you start the `journey '.

It can prevent premature ejaculation


Needless to pills, diet, exercise & etc! Just Use Magic Power Tissue!
Many users are very satisfied with the Magic Power Tissue!!

Price:  RM 25 - I packs - 6 - Tissue
2 packs RM 40 - 12 Tissue / Promotion - Call us to Order 0122608701
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