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Pheromone definition:
Pheromones are naturally occurring substances the fertile body excretes externally, conveying an airborne message to trigger a response from the opposite sex of the same species.

Pheromones were first defined in 1959 as chemical substances excreted by animals to trigger REPRODUCTIVE behavioral response from a recipient of the same species.
It was in 1986 that Dr. Winnifred Cutler, founder of Athena Institute, and her colleagues conducted the first controlled scientific studies to document the existence of pheromones in humans. Prior to their landmark research there were no conclusive indications that pheromones were excreted by humans.

By 1999, from a biological perspective, the term pheromone can be defined as a chemical excreted by animals that promotes behaviors which PERPETUATE THE SPECIES.
Now in 2005, the scientific literature recognizes four classes of pheromones; territorial markers, mother-infant, menstrual synchrony, and the fourth class that is the area of expertise for Dr. Cutler and Athena Institute; human sex-attractant pheromones.

Athena Pheromone fragrance additives have been the subject of three double-blind, placebo-controlled published studies ( two of them by independent researchers) demonstrating their efficacy in increasing sexual attractiveness. This rigorous of an investigation is the gold standard of science, and few (if any) cosmetics undergo this type of research bound for peer-reviewed publication.

* Proved: human pheromones exist and influence relations between women and men
* Read what customers have been saying about Athena Pheromones since 1993
* Read more about the Scientific Method of double-blind, placebo-controlled research
  "However, the reigning queen of pheromone research is Dr. Winnifred Cutler...founder of the Athena Institute in...Pennsylvania. She published her first scientific paper on the subject back in 1986, and she has gone on to isolate these 'naturally occurring ingredients' and bottle them..."

Pheromones, a male hormone, a powerful natural appetite stimulant, you can win, fascinate, excite, and seduce any woman. Pheromones will enhance your skills against women dramatically. In-guarantee by the international scientists! Be the first champion in the arena attracts women

* Pheromones allows you to look sexy and attractive.

* Women will try to seduce you without you realizing it.

* The eyes look towards you without coercion

* With power win this, you will be more attention.

* You will be able to smile more than women.

* You find relationships to be better spontaneously.

* Today you pass, will be more exciting!


Pheromones are natural odor produced by the body, to communicate with those around you. In various studies, scientists found that people use smell as intermediaries that control behavior when communicating, consciously or not.

Now known that human behavior is influenced by a strong sense of smell is natural. This smell can help you attract attention and win their different gender.

Studies show that women choose men they like not only based on appearance alone. They choose the men they feel have a strong kelelakian nature. And now you are lucky because the power of pheromones from Phero-X ™, you can make any woman feel very very interested feelings against you.

Phero-X ™ contains pure human pheromone 5-Alpha-type Androst-16-en-3-One, which will make any woman who is close to you feel attracted to you. Women will praise you smell so intriguing and delicious, they attracted to the pheromones contained in Phero-X ™.

Phero-X ™ is not a pheromone derived from animals, so you can use it without a doubt. The study of pheromones has been proven that it can increase the romantic nature of women and makes them want more attention from men. We guarantee 100% use of Phero-X ™ will brighten again love love your partner!

Phero-X ™ will definitely change your life and in-guarantee. If you are not satisfied, return it to us and we will return your investment 100%. Please read our guarantee.

What are pheromones?

Every animal on earth, including humans produce and react to pheromones. It is a hormone produced Tues through sweat pores and almost odorless. Pheromone can be detected only by veromenasal organ (VNO) located at the base of the nose. Pheromones are the most powerful penggalak desire in the world!

There are men who can produce pheromones in many, while some men produce pheromones too little and may not directly. Men, which could produce pheromone naturally with many, you may see, they seem more charismatic and have an amazing aura! Sometimes, even if they do not capture the look, not a lot of money, they can capture the girls are beautiful and rupawan! That said body chemistry or body odor that could force win, or they may have used the power of Phero-X ™!

Effects desire pheromones.

Pheromones are not only able to win the opposite sex, it also stimulates sexual desire your partner. This means, with drip Phero-X ™ on your pulse, the wrist and neck, also behind Earpiece, your sexual attraction will increase. This will help your intimate relationship with your beloved. Women will not escape him! It's like a magnet. With effect Phero-X ™, you will gain superiority over other men. Gunalah each time, and you will notice that, you will be more successful with women. (Do not worry, a bottle of Phero-X ™ can hold up to 3-4 months ever!)

Phero-X ™ will increase the desire libido women around you are aware or not. Scientific research and studies conducted over kllinikal users pheromones, they maintain and extend the period of marriage, friendship and brotherhood. This proves not just pheromones penggalak desire. It also helps you face life with more success. Try yourself! You'll be excited.

Pheromones have been successfully produced by a leading laboratory Morgan Labs' in Russia. Normally found in human pheromone gap armpit when sweating occurs. Pheromone is a natural evolution of life very fascinating. Discovery scientists found that women choose men who would become the father of her child based on factors PHEROMONE owned by the man! This fact is interesting and should give your attention, is it not so?

Phero-X ™ contains pure human pheromone, the grade and the best, among the highest concentration compared to other brands in the market. Are you sure you get the optimum effect of each use.

Phero-X ™ is made with pheromones of plant-based oils, without any alcohol. Buyers must be careful to buy products of synthetic pheromones, a mixture of basic materials such as ethanol and other alcohol, because studies have shown that the pheromone will be damaged and destroyed within a few seconds, once it is dissolved into the material based alkohol.Anda Pheromones should buy wisely, by doing a little survey and study!

How to use this Phero-X?

Use is quick and easy. The process is only 17 seconds. No technical or skills required great. Anyone can do that.

To use it, open the veil and daub. Press pemicit rubber and Instill prescribed in shirt collar, wrist or neck and the back Earpiece. Depending on the biochemistry of your skin, this is the most critical factors for determining the dose of your own where appropriate with you.

Normally we use 2-3 drops per day within 8 hours. There is use the mornings, there is mengunakannya at night. It can last for 6-8 hours depending on temperature and wind factors. Use the body temperature of 37 degrees celcius. And use in the wind medium. It is also very effective in the range of 3 feet.

How you use plays an important role. Common errors that new users do is to use pheromones with the numerous. Because it is concentrated. Using the MORE, WILL NOT increase its impact. Specify the save-the careful use, you will not hehabisannya quickly. Gunalah little as possible, you benefit by getting a better effect, in a more cost-efficient.

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